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Bathroom Remodeling

minimalist clean bathroom with marble tiles and wall

Every single home needs a bathroom. Few things are more essential to have and there are certain appliances that you simply cannot live without. Your shower and your toilet, for example, are both imperative. You just cannot do without them. But at the same time, you want your bathroom to feel comfortable and clean, given that you are going to use it more than a few times a day. That is why you don’t want to be settling for any old shower or toilet installation, you want a bathroom that fulfills all of your wishes. You need high-quality appliances, just as much as you do a sleek and stylish design. So, make sure that you are opting for the finest standards available and come to us, at Renovet Inc in Wilmington. The leading team of bathroom remodeling specialists, you can count on us to deliver your premium new bathroom space.


Custom Remodeling 

While all of us have the same fundamental needs for a bathroom, we all have a different idea of how that might look. For some, that means a wide-open shower and for others, a cozy bathtub. From the kinds of tiles that are used for the floor to the type of faucet in the sink, all of these things are important and you want to ensure that you have the most suitable ones. But whatever it means for you, you can bet that we can be the ones to make it a reality. Simply let us know what your perfect bathroom looks like and our talented designers will compile it into one final design for you.


Premium Installations 

Whenever you decide to turn to us for your new bathroom, you can do so expecting the finest examples of quality. That is because our team holds ourselves to higher standards in every aspect of our work. We only ever make use of premium materials, sourced from local supplies, as well as great appliances from leading manufactures. And, with the unparalleled craftsmanship displayed by our team, we know that we can guarantee every one of our clients the very best every single time.


Showers & Wet Rooms 

A shower is something that you just cannot miss out on having inside your bathroom. But today, there are various luxurious options that you can make for yours, making them the highlighting feature of the space. Our team custom designs showers using a range of materials, showerheads, and shower systems, each of which provides stunning aesthetics and functionality. And, we can even go as far as to design your own wet room if that is what you are looking for.


Appliances & Cabinets 

In addition to your shower, you will want to be certain that your appliances, cabinets, and all other installations are going to be just as good. Of course, this is something that our team makes sure of and we seek out the very best in every product. From top-branded sinks, toilets, bathtubs, radiators, and rails, to bespoke bathroom cabinets, designed by our team. Whatever it is that you need in your bathroom, we can provide you the finest examples of each.

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