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Kitchen Remodeling

clean kitchen with indoor plant and other appliances

Your kitchen is at the very heart of your home. A space that you use each and every day to cook for you and your family, no home can be complete without one. But given that it is such an integral part of any property, there is no reason that you should be settling for poor quality, from a space that doesn’t work for you. Instead, your kitchen should be filled with all of the things that you find useful and to the highest standards. That is why, when you are looking into remodeling your kitchen, you need to be coming to us. At Renovet Inc in Wilmington, we can provide you with a premium, bespoke kitchen renovation for some of the most affordable prices around. Just let us know what it is that would make your perfect kitchen and you can trust in us to make it a reality.


Custom Remodel 

Our team understands that everybody has different needs in their kitchen and for many, they already have a clear idea of how they would like their kitchen to look. We never want to get in the way of achieving that for our clients and that is why we are so glad to offer custom design on every single one of our remodeling tasks. You can take your pick of the themes, colors, design, products, materials, and everything else in between until you are completely satisfied that you have the perfect kitchen for you.


Premium Installations  

From us, you can always expect the highest standards of quality. We simply do not cut any corners when it comes to providing quality and that is why our customers know that they can always come to us for the very best. Every one of our materials is sourced from reputable suppliers in Wilmington and every one of our products and appliances are manufactured by some of the leading brands on the market today. So, whenever you come to us for your kitchen, you can do so, expecting to be delivered the finest standards.


Countertops & Islands 

Every kitchen needs to have a countertop installed and many of the most stylish modern kitchens come with an island installed, too. In the way of practicality and aesthetics, both of these things are highly important and that is why you will no doubt want to know about our various outstanding options. We can deliver you custom designed countertops in any of our great stone or concrete materials, as well as luxurious islands, designed to your needs.


Kitchen Cabinets 

Another imperative kitchen installation is a kitchen cabinet system. We all need space to store our various cooking equipment and dry food, and these need to be effectively implemented into the rest of the overall design. So, you will want to find something spacious and stylish to suit your needs, which you already know we can provide to you. Our talented craftsman can design and install your perfect cabinets, giving you all of the functionality and aesthetic appeal that you are looking for.

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